ICYMI: Boston Readers Say Elizabeth Warren Is Vulnerable to John Deaton

Elizabeth Warren is vulnerable to challenger John Deaton, readers say. Here’s why.



Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren faces a new GOP challenger in her campaign for Senate, prompting Boston.com readers to wonder: Could she be ousted by her new opponent?…

When we asked our readers if they think Deaton could beat Warren in November, more than 500 responded. A majority (57%) said yes, Warren is vulnerable to Deaton in the race….

See below a sampling of readers explaining the challenge Warren could or could not face as she runs for her third term in office.

Responses have been lightly edited for grammar and clarity….

“I don’t believe Senator Warren does much for Massachusetts and grandstands on most issues. Frankly, I don’t know where she’s been the past few years. I’d really like to see new fresh blood being elected and send Senators Warren and Markey packing.” – Dave, Woburn

“Deaton has an authentic hardscrabble story that will resonate with voters.” – Horace M., Franklin

“She couldn’t win her own state in her presidential run, let alone second place. It’s time she retires and lets someone with new energy take over.” – James, Jamaica Plain…

“Warren is unrelatable to the working class. Her claimed $50 million to aid Massachusetts is unheard of. You hear nothing of supporting Massachusetts residents.” – Karen S., Norwood



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