ICYMI: MassLive Asks “Who is John Deaton?”

Who is John Deaton, the long-shot Republican trying to unseat Mass. Sen. Elizabeth Warren?

“Ask John Deaton what kind of Republican he is, and the answer comes quickly.  ‘I’m a Charlie Baker-type,’ Deaton, the former Marine-turned-attorney, who’s hoping to add ‘U.S. Senator’ to the hyphenated titles he already bears, told MassLive.  If the answer evokes a very specific mental image of the trad-GOP pol who’s socially moderate and fiscally conservative, that’s the point.”

“The result is a candidate who melds that Trumpian appeal to the working class with a moderation on social issues — he supports abortion rights and marriage equality — that should be familiar to Massachusetts voters ‘I am tired of these presidential candidates not representing the people that I care about — that’s the working class and the poor. I got in this race because they are not being represented,’ he said. ‘When you look at the Senate, you do not see someone who has been working 50 hours a week, and yet you feel like you can’t get ahead’.’”

“’It’s time to get someone who fights for things,’ Deaton said, declaring that Warren ‘fights for the rich and wealthy,’ while he ‘[wants] to fight for the poor and the middle class.’”

“’Let me be crystal clear; I am pro-choice,’ Deaton told MassLive, adding that ‘as the father … of three daughters, I am making it clear that I support and agree with the law in Massachusetts as it relates to women’s reproductive rights’.”

“In Israel’s fight with Hamas, Deaton told MassLive he believes that ‘the start and end point is that Israel has the absolute right to defend itself’.”

“Deaton criticized Warren for her procedural vote against a border bill in February that was opposed by many Republicans, arguing that ‘it may not have been a perfect bill, but it was better than the status quo’.”


JOHN DEATON will fight for what is right.

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