Today, our country faces an unprecedented crisis at our southern border. MA guarantees a right to shelter to the homeless, and because of that law enacted in 1983, the Commonwealth has become Ground Zero in the migrant crisis. In fact, during the summer of 2023, Democratic Governor Maura Healey declared the Commonwealth in a state of emergency, caused by the inflow of illegal migrants. The crisis has gotten so bad, Logan Airport had to be used as an emergency shelter location for the migrants. Poor kids, living in Roxbury, were kicked out of a recreational center to house the influx of migrants. The Governor even asked the public to open their homes to help house undocumented, unknown individuals from around the world, including from regions where hatred for America and Democracy are fostered. As someone who grew up in extreme poverty, I can easily relate to anyone who longs for a better life and I believe most of the undocumented migrants are good people, desiring a better life. But even if only a small percentage of people illegally entering America have bad intentions, our national security is at risk. Simply put, the status quo is unsustainable, undermines legal immigration, and it will cost MA taxpayers billions of dollars.

For too long, politicians in Washington have failed to act, and under Elizabeth Warren’s watch the problem has exploded. There are no winners under the immigration policies supported by Senator Warren – our people are less safe, our social service agencies and health care system are overwhelmed, and our poorest communities and citizens have less access to the amenities and services they rely on. The migrants themselves find themselves victims of human trafficking and horrific crimes at the hands of the cartels I will fight to secure the border, end catch and release, and fight to reform the asylum process, while expanding legal immigration. The status quo provides a preference to migrants breaking our laws over those trying to do it the right way. Elizabeth Warren opposed the bipartisan immigration bill, that while imperfect, would have been a valuable first step.


America faces a debt crisis. The U.S. Government is $34 trillion in debt, while personal credit card debt has crossed over $1 trillion for the first time. Almost 40% of Americans don’t have $500 dollars in case of an emergency and student loan debt stands at over $1.6 trillion. The U.S. now spends more money servicing its debt than it does on National Defense. The interest payment alone on our Debt is $1 trillion. It is simply unsustainable, yet career politicians, like Elizabeth Warren, continue to sacrifice future generations by saddling them with debt and excessive spending.

Spending in D.C. has grown to crisis levels, contributing to the worst runaway inflation crisis since the early 1980s. Inflation is a tax on working families, costing the average American family $1,069 more per month in the last three years. The poor and middle-class feel this pain the most. For too long, the federal government has been living well beyond its means – and Americans are feeling the consequences of politicians in D.C. running up the tab. In the Senate, I will vote to control the growth of government spending, and I will fight to eliminate wasteful and unnecessary pork-barrel spending.

poverty & class warfare

I grew up in extreme poverty. My family survived on welfare and food stamps, so I know, better than most, how some people need help. It is honorable and noble for a government to help its citizens in need during temporary hardships, and I will always support doing so.

As a young man growing up in poverty, later a U.S. Marine Officer, and today a father of three girls and a successful small businessperson, I reflect more on the opportunities than the challenges. I am indeed grateful. Through the years, income inequality has been a political slogan for Elizabeth Warren. For me, it has been my life. I dedicated my time and energy to overcoming income inequality in my own life and now I want to do the same helping others overcome it as well. I want to help others who are now experiencing the brutalities of poverty to escape as well.  

Elizabeth Warren thinks that government is the only answer, and she wants to invest more in government and less in people. Our welfare system, our failing urban schools, and a system encouraging dependance over independence does nothing to help kids and communities struggling with income inequality. I should know, I was one of those kids.

Senator Warren’s path pits American versus American and falls way short of fostering independence. Instead, her approach encourages dependence and fosters generational poverty. She tells us that the “wealthy” are the enemy of the poor.  I can tell you, growing up poor, I never hated those that had more than me. Instead, I would waive them down and ask for advice. Elizabeth Warren promotes an environment that seeks to punish success, not encourage it. She pretends that fighting against the rich and the wealthy is the same as fighting for the poor and the middle class. It is not. It is much more impactful and meaningful to fight for people, and for something, instead of fighting against people, and against things. My approach is about lifting people up – not tearing them down.

For a family living in poverty or living paycheck to paycheck, a few more dollars is helpful – but not a solution. We need to fundamentally fix our broken government. Nothing hits working families and the poor more than the inflationary spending and debt supported by Warren. Her tax proposals threaten to remove more money from our small businesses and provide it to the federal government.

As your next Senator, I will fight for policies like reforming the Accredited Investor Rule, which currently excludes over 90% of the population from being able to own private equity the way members of Congress can. We should invest in infrastructure, education, and social services, especially in struggling and impoverished neighborhoods, and we should make it easier for businesses to open shop in distressed urban centers through tax incentives. Those impoverished communities should not be left to rot in abject poverty. I plan to do something about it.


Congress is broken and we live in a Corruption era of government. Our federal government has been hijacked by lobbyists and big-money special interests. Twelve years ago, Elizabeth Warren said she’d fight this system, yet today, the big banks and corporations she said she’d fight write her bills. After a decade in Washington D.C., Senator Warren has become the number one lobbyist for the big banks.

I will fight for term limits, a 3–5-year ban on lobbying for elected officials when they leave office, and full transparency in campaign finance laws. I will fight for a bill that prevents Members of Congress from owning and trading individual stocks, which will prevent the ongoing insider trading happening in Congress. I will close the revolving door between our regulators and private industry. The Chairman of the FDA or SEC should not be able to immediately go work for Pfizer or Goldman Sachs. I will propose a 3–5-year ban preventing regulators from working for companies they oversaw while in government service.


Our climate is changing.  For coastal states like ours, the impact of climate change is greater.

I oppose the Green New Deal.  We need a multi-faceted and balanced approach to tackling this issue that protects our economy and is not ignorant to what is happening across the globe including emerging economies. We need to move ourselves through an energy transition, reducing our carbon footprint in a very systematic way while not causing a significant detriment to our economic well-being. Current policies promoted by Elizabeth Warren hurt the poor and middle class. Pursuing renewable energy and independence from fossil fuels is a must, but it must not be achieved on the backs of the people struggling the most. No one should have to choose between their next meal and their electricity bill. We must implement a plan that eventually achieves carbon neutrality in a sensible way.  

I’m confident that our future lies in renewable and sustainable energy, and that the ingenuity of this country, especially in places like Massachusetts, is poised to lead the rest of the world. In the Senate, I will support policies that promote reasonable sustainable growth in clean energy industries and green technology. I will support laws that protect consumers and the end users while incentivizing small businesses and entrepreneurs to invent technologies that help meet our environmental goals. Massachusetts always wins when ingenuity, innovation and technological advances are incentivized and pursued. We can meet our energy and environmental goals while creating new jobs, without punishing American workers and the middle class in the process.


Having served in the U.S. Marine Corps, I understand the personal sacrifice that our men and women in uniform – and their families – make to keep our nation safe.  When elected, supporting Veterans will be my top priority.

I support choice for Veterans.  I believe we should expand the Veterans Choice Program to allow Veterans to seek treatment outside of the VA system to meet their medical needs and reduce the strain on the VA.

We must expand mental health services for Veterans returning home from foreign wars and conflicts. Thousands of troops have returned home from Afghanistan and Iraq with PTSD that has gone untreated. This is wrong, and as your next Senator, I will fight to be on the Veterans Affairs Committee and fight to ensure that every service member who needs care receives it.

term limits

I’m a strong supporter of term limits and will work hard to see them implemented. I also pledge now that I will self-impose a limit of two terms in the Senate.

Congress is dominated by career politicians, like Elizabeth Warren, who become conflicted by special interests and fierce loyalty to only a party or political agenda. Simply put, if you can’t effectuate change within twelve years of being in Washington, then someone else should get a chance.


The brutal terrorist attacks of October 7th serve as a solemn reminder that evil, and anti-Semitism still exist in our world.  I strongly believe that Israel has the absolute right to defend itself and its borders. Hamas is a terrorist organization whose Charter is the complete destruction and annihilation of Israel and to bring death to every Jew. Any solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must include an unequivocal acknowledgment of Israel’s right-to-exist. In sum, Hamas seeks to kill Jews and Americans and it must be defeated. From being the sole democracy in a troubled part of the world, to sharing intelligence on terrorists who want to kill Americans, Israel is one of America’s strongest allies in the world – and supporting Israel is in America’s interests. With that said, as a former Marine Judge Advocate and someone trained in the Rules of Engagement – I believe those rules must be followed.  Even a country defending itself from an act of genocide must takes measures to reduce the loss of civilian life, whenever possible.

opioid addiction

America has lost over 1 million lives due to opioid addiction. Every 5 minutes, 1 person dies in the USA from a drug overdose and 72% of the overdoses are fentanyl.  Currently, Opioid-related overdose deaths in MA increased by 2.5% in 2022 compared to 2021 with rates among Black residents making up the largest increase. Unfortunately, MA often ranks in the top 10 states for drug overdose deaths. The fentanyl crisis in this country is directly related to the Southern Border crisis. China is exporting fentanyl through our southern border, and we must address the root of the problem, or the U.S. will continue battling addiction and losing American lives. We must secure the border and invest in treatment and behavioral health.


For over two decades, politicians in both parties have let China run amok on the global stage. Communist China steals our intellectual property, manipulates their currency to undercut American workers, is exporting fentanyl through our southern border, and is a major carbon emitter. 

China seeks to expand its geopolitical influence across the Middle East, Africa, and increasingly, Europe. To counter the growing threat of Communist China, we should pursue pro-growth economic policies, at home, to make America a more competitive place to invest and create jobs. We must also improve our relationships with our trading partners so we can increase our exports to foreign markets and return American jobs lost to China.

China is without question America’s biggest economic competitor, and we must maintain the global advantage. Enhancing education and skill training programs will ensure a highly skilled workforce, which is essential for driving economic growth and competitiveness. We must invest in infrastructure projects like transportation, broadband, clean energy and cyber security to help advance America’s economic strength. Negotiating fair trade deals, addressing trade imbalances, and attracting foreign investments will help significantly. We must incentivize and support small businesses and entrepreneurs. We maintain a global advantage by investing in innovation and technology.