John Deaton Responds to State of the Union Address

Woburn, MA – Today, U.S. Senate Candidate, Marine veteran, trial attorney, cancer survivor, and author John Deaton (R-Swansea) released the following statement in response to President Biden’s State of the Union Address:

“Tonight, we saw yet again why people are starving for change in Washington,” said Deaton. “It’s the same cast of characters, fumbling around with the same problems, and coming up with the same failed solutions. From the border to inflation to a crumbling health care system coming home to roost here in Massachusetts, people are fed up and ready for new faces and new ideas. I’m not just running to defeat Elizabeth Warren; I’m running to change the way business is done in the Senate and in Washington.”

“Senator Warren is not the same senator that Massachusetts elected a dozen years ago – someone who promised to take on the system. Today, Elizabeth Warren is the poster child for Washington D.C. elites, and hyper-partisan dysfunction,” Deaton continued.



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