John Deaton Singles Out Border Visit by Healey Administration as Another Sign of Elizabeth Warren’s Failed Leadership

WOBURN – John Deaton, candidate for U.S. Senate, reacted to news on Tuesday that the administration of Governor Maura Healey is dispatching a set of officials to the U.S. southern border where they will ostensibly urge federal officials for additional resources and funding. The move comes after Governor Healey and one-party officials in Massachusetts have sent two open letters to the Biden administration pleading for more help, both signed by Senator Elizabeth Warren who last month skipped a vote on legislation to enact bipartisan immigration reform.

“Governor Healey is sending state officials to the southern border to beg for help while Elizabeth Warren is on a multi-day political junket in Wisconsin. The contrast of who in this race is serious about fixing our immigration crisis could not be clearer,” said Deaton. “When Donald Trump was president, Senator Warren visited the border, stomped her feet, and made immigration her personal cause. Now that she’s caught in the crosshairs, she would rather ignore, deflect, or downright lie.

“Thousands of migrants didn’t end up in Massachusetts by accident. They are victims of political theater by both Republicans and Democrats, but Senator Warren has chosen to play the star role. As usual, when Massachusetts needs her most, Elizabeth Warren is out of the state grandstanding.”


On Monday, Sen. Warren visited Madison, Wisconsin where she held a rally in support of President Joe Biden. She is scheduled to hold at least two more political events in the state this week.

On Tuesday Politico Massachusetts Playbook reported that the Healey administration is sending five officials, including the state’s emergency assistance director, L. Scott Rice, to the Texas cities of San Antonio, McAllen, Hidalgo and Brownsville to impress on border officials that Massachusetts’s shelter space is beyond capacity.



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