VIDEO: Charlie Gasparino On Deaton Vs. Warren


“She see’s something in him, and I think what she sees in him is that the country, is in many ways not far right, not far left, their somewhere in the middle, they don’t like what’s going on at the border, they hate inflation, they don’t like tons of spending…that’s a lot of stuff that she stands for”

“Elizabeth Warren…sending all these emails out…looking to raise money…calling him a MAGA GOP’er, that’s backed up by Wall Street, I mean, it’s so over the top, it’s also so wrong.”

“He’s not MAGA at all…he’s essentially a moderate Republican…Marine, centrist guy, not MAGA…”

“Here’s the other thing that is interesting….her polling is starting to fade off.”

“Why is she so afraid of John Deaton?”

“…and she might just lose independents…” “There’s a reason why she’s freaking out, it’s not because of his bald head and his goatee..”


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