What They Are Saying: John Deaton – Marine, Author and Attorney Enters U.S. Senate Race

HEADLINE, Marine Corps Times (AP): Marine veteran John Deaton to challenge Sen. Elizabeth Warren

AP, Boston 25, Washington Post: Republican John Deaton announces challenge to Sen. Elizabeth Warren
“If elected in November, Deaton said he would take on the insurance industry and drug companies for more affordable health care, work across the political aisle to help solve the migrant crisis, fight inflation and push for term limits…”

The National Desk: GOP Marine launches Senate bid to unseat Elizabeth Warren: ‘Washington D.C. is broken’

“Deaton insisted there is a need for term limits in Congress due to lawmakers’ out-of-touch nature following years on the hill.”

“Deaton is also pledging to solve immigration issues in the U.S., suggesting current politicians have instead propagated division. Massachusetts has struggled with an influx of migrants recently…”

“Massachusetts’ healthcare costs will also be a point in Deaton’s campaign. A 2023 report found the state’s average expense of employer-based private health insurance outpaced wage and salary growth in 2021.”

“Deaton has represented mesothelioma and asbestos victims against Fortune 100 companies for more than 20 years and opposed legislation banning regulation of the carcinogen. In 2017, he funded an effort to test playsets contaminated with asbestos, which led to their recalls.”

Jon Keller, CBS/WBZ: Who is John Deaton, the man running against Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts?

New Bedford Guide: Elizabeth Warren takes first potshot at 2024 Massachusetts challenger John Deaton

”… he still has a serious chance of winning this race and Elizabeth Warren knows this. The day John Deaton announced his campaign, Elizabeth Warren was ready to take her first shot on Twitter at her new opponent.” [POST]

Fall River Reporter:  Former U.S. Marine, cryptocurrency lawyer, announces campaign against Senator Warren

“Though he has advocated for cryptocurrency, his first campaign video makes no mention of it, instead focusing on his upbringing in poverty and promises to “take on Washington corruption,” and address inflation and the migrant crisis.

Boston Herald, Battenfeld: Potential Elizabeth Warren challenger a step in right direction

“The far left Bay State senator could be vulnerable and is clearly already worried about Deaton…”

“Her poor approval ratings in Massachusetts and inattention to her constituents could cost her…”

“Deaton, a former Marine, rose up from a poor background to become a well-known lawyer…”

“She has tried to repair the damage from her failed 2020 presidential challenge but there is clearly still residual anger against her in Massachusetts. She was crushed by Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Massachusetts primary, an embarrassment that will dog her forever.”

“Just 41% of Bay State voters view Warren favorably, according to a new MassINC Polling Group survey. Thirty-six percent viewed her unfavorably.

And just 43% of voters said they think Warren should run for a third term.”

Boston Herald: John Deaton, a Republican and crypto attorney, kicks off bid to unseat Elizabeth Warren

“The U.S. Marine Corps veteran said his life story is one of a person overcoming early challenges to later find success in law at both New England Law and in his own business, Deaton Law Firm.

That background, he argued, will translate well to blue collar residents who are grappling with a high-cost of living across Massachusetts.”

Politico: Warren’s (likely) GOP challenger

“…he comes onto the scene with a hardscrabble backstory…”

“A former U.S. Marine who hails from a Detroit enclave, Deaton overcame an impoverished childhood to graduate law school. He started his own firm in Rhode Island representing asbestos victims. He is the father of three daughters, a cancer survivor and the author of a memoir…”

Fox Business: Elizabeth Warren rallies donors as Marine veteran, crypto attorney John Deaton announces Senate challenge

“Elizabeth Warren, is frantically rallying her donor base to help her fight off a GOP challenge…”

“According to an email to donors viewed by FOX Business, Warren, a Democrat who has held her seat for more than 10 years and is considered among the most powerful and progressive voices in the upper chamber, is asking supporters to “rush” donations…”

“A former U.S. Marine judge advocate and an asbestos lawyer by trade, Deaton has achieved folk-hero status in a corner of the crypto business for his criticism of the Securities and Exchange Commission…


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